Twin Peaks.

We are a small craft coffee roastery based in Perth, Western Australia.

We’ve seen a lot of different sides of the coffee experience. We’ve washed dishes, worked as barista, owned and ran cafes, and drank a fair bit of coffee. The goal was then, and still is now, to help people enjoy beautiful, fresh roasted coffee in an uncomplicated manner.

Like you, we have our coffee “moments” – you know, those distinct, memorable cups that get you excited about coffee and wanting to discover what else is out there. It’s these moments that drive us in our never ending pursuit of a great cup of coffee.
We roast on a Portugese made Joper roaster, made of cast iron which is indirectly heated to give a more sweet, evenly balanced coffee.
We source quality beans which are then roasted to highlight their individual qualities and best represent their origins.
We are dedicated to continually learning and evolving, and being creative with our craft, which further develops both our knowledge and our appreciation for what we do.
Our love of coffee is serious – but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Every coffee drinker and every coffee shop is unique, so we like to keep the conversation going between all involved in the coffee experience – the dishwashers, the baristas, the café owners, and the coffee drinkers. At the end of the day, our goal is simply to help people enjoy great coffee.