Altitude Range: 1200 – 2000m

Language Spoken: Spanish

Harvest: November-March

Annual Coffee Production: 100,000 bags (Crop 2013) – ICO

Common Varieties: Arabica, Caturra, Catuai, Typica, Geisha, Mundo Novo.

Avg Farm Size: Small farms, 0 – 10 hectares.


Growing Regions


Province of Chiriqui, Renacimiento, Volcan, Boquete



Boquete Has a 100 years tradition in cultivating coffee. Is the oldest coffee district in Panama, and the homeland of the most highly priced coffees in the world.


Province of Chiriqui

Chiriqui is a very productive area of the country mainly because of its weather and fertile soils. The highlands of Chiriqui are composed by two main areas: Boquete and Volcan.



The fertile soil in the area is influenced by the surrounding volcano



Washed and natural.